ColorShot Digital Photo Printer

The ColorShot Digital Photo Printer produces glossy, brilliant color prints using high-quality Polaroid instant film. It directly interfaces with a desktop or notebook PC via the parallel port, and prints digital images that are similar to actual photographs in clarity, sharpness and color depth.

Ideal for professional and scientific applications, the ColorShot Digital Photo Printer incorporates advanced digital printing technology to produce exceptionally clear, sharp and color-accurate prints. It uses commonly-available Polaroid instant color film packs, thereby eliminating the inconvenience of ink cartridges, special papers, toners or other supplies required by color ink-jet or laser printers.

The lightweight, compact and portable ColorShot Digital Photo Printer is ideally suited for desktop, laboratory or mobile environments. An optional 12-volt cigarette-lighter adapter enables the ColorShot Digital Photo Printer to be used in a car or other mobile environment. A parallel port cable and a universal auto-sensing power supply (110/220V, 50/60Hz) are included, ensuring world-wide compatibility.

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